I’m launching my own crypto fund — why? how? 👇

I’ve always been convinced not to underestimate the power of fun. MEMEs, fun, entertainment… they’re all very important. I recently stumbled upon a quote from Elon that pinpoints why:


Or maybe, an even better and simpler way to put it is:

As part of my nomadic lifestyle, I decided to spend two months in Berlin this summer. And what better way to reflect on my first month here, than with a Buzzfeed-like list…?!

1. Rents 🛌

They’re cheap. Berliners are mad because they’ve increased a lot in the past years, but a (big) room in a shared flat is around 50% less than what you could get in Paris or London. That’s how it should be. Good job Berlin.

Everybody’s using this ugly website called wg-gesucht.de to sub-let and/or sub-rent rooms. …

I recently made a list of all my belongings and I though I would write a little bit about the process and minimalism here.

Quarantine 🤷‍♂

Like all good stories in 2020, it starts with a mention of the pandemic…! In my case I got somehow stuck in captivity in a little town by the Mediterranean sea in Spain. I spent almost three months alone in Airbnbs, and as it turned out this was NOT fun. I’m now aware that I don’t want this to ever happen again… #learnings

Thankfully boredom has some benefits, and I also kept busy working on Multis

I spent the month of November in a small city in the south of Spain.
I stayed in a house with people I had never met before in my life.
We all worked from that house.
We spent time together.
We laughed a lot.
We lived.

South of Spain, baby

🧐 How does it work?

There’s a house. Three beautiful people are in charge.

You book a room and pay per night.

There’s an office space in that house. In the morning you can pick a desk on a first come, first serve basis.

There’s a big fully equipped kitchen where you can cook whenever you want (Spaniards eat…

This past summer Multis participated in Y Combinator. The batch is now over and having added the mandatory “YC S19” label to our profiles we’re now (almost) back in Europe.

After four months away from the old (and probably best) continent it’s been good to catch up with friends and family. Inevitably, I’ve been getting the “How was YC? / Alors YC c’était comment ?!” many, many times. It’s given me the opportunity to refine my answer. This is the short-ish version.

So, how was YC?

A bit of context 📗


I started working with eFounders on a project dubbed WalletX. The idea was to…

© MeghanRegior

Imagining a leaner way

In early April I was given three months to ship a rough prototype of a crypto wallet for companies. Building decentralized web applications (dApp) — or web3 apps — was still a new domain, and could get quite tricky because of the paradigm shift introduced by blockchains.

I needed to focus as much as possible on these new challenges to build this complex webapp, and scrap as many mundane web development tasks as I could. From a security standpoint, given the stakes (cryptocurrencies) the attack surface had to be reduced. Finally, fast iteration was a must.

Being lean starts with…

Histoire d’un rituel productif.

1. 2008Il y a 10 ans j'étais en Maths spé dans la filière MP : 12h de
Maths et 9h de Physique par semaine
En rajoutant les colles et devoirs surveillés dans ces deux matières, la période était intense et studieuse.
2. Que dire de la prépa ? (i) Un système éducatif archaïque qui ne prend pas en compte la réalité du fonctionnement du cerveau humain : personne ne peut suivre 2h de cours magistral sur le calcul différentiel après le déjeuner... Les MOOCs actuels permettent un apprentissage beaucoup plus cohérent.

Mia unua artikolo en Esperanto

Saluton! Antaǔ unu jaro mi decidis lerni Esperanton kun Duolingo. Mi ankoraǔ estas komencanto sed post tricent sesdek kvin tagoj estas bona ekzercado skribi artikolo en Esperanto.

Mia Esperanto ora strigo

Kial mi komencis lerni Esperanton?

Ĝi estis mia rezolucio por la jaro du mil dek sep : lernu ion novan!

Mi multe ŝatas lingvojn. Mi jam povis paroli franca, angla kaj hispana do Esperanto estis bona elekto.

La celo estis fari unu leciono en Duolingo ĉiutage. Sur la necesejoj aŭ en la metro!

Estas agrabla diri, ke mia rezolucio estas nun farita 😏

Kion mi ŝatas pri Esperanto?

Lingvaj baroj ekzistas kaj certe alportas konfliktojn inter homoj.


REDL driven development.

While enjoying some glorious Corsican summer days with my partner in crime, we built a chatbot for Slack. It recently got approved on the Slack App Directory.

The experience of creating and deploying this 🤖conversational interface was delightful and, it’s worth mentioning, completely free (as in free 🍺beer).

The tool we used is called Glitch and I thought the least I can do to thank Glitch was to write something about its 💯awesomeness.

🤔 I was skeptical

As in all good love stories, it started off on the wrong foot. The first time I heard about Glitch I thought this was…

Pas le temps de lire ? Jouez maintenant !

Massif :

  • Ensemble géologique qui se distingue morphologiquement, structuralement et pétrographiquement de son contexte. (Larousse)
  • Ensemble de hauteurs présentant un caractère montagneux. (Larousse)
  • Groupement de montagnes. (Anonyme)

La Tectonique

Violence incommensurable.

Alors qu’il y a 100 millions d’années l’Europe avait quasiment sa forme finale, un bout de l’Afrique se décroche : ce morceau de continent, qui deviendra l’Italie et la Croatie, vient heurter avec une force inouïe le sud de l’Europe dont fait partie ce qui deviendra plus tard la France, la Suisse et l’Autriche.

Ce choc ultra-violent entre les plaques tectoniques est à l’origine…

Théophile Villard

minimalist nomad

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